How I got here......

So, in a nutshell, here's my story:


I began my career in personal development as a counselor (with a masters degree in clinical counseling) and have logged thousands of hours sitting in an office with my clients helping them to work through issues in their lives and come to a place of peace, acceptance, and most of all change. While I cared deeply about and enjoyed working with all my clients, something about this work began to frustrate me. The lack of movement and lack of mind/body connection felt limiting. I have always been an active person and would often encourage my clients to incorporate exercise into their lives in order to energize and accelerate their progress. 


When I was working with a client I could always see their strengths and abilities so clearly, but a small voice inside told me that sitting stagnant in a room was not the most efficient way of helping them move towards their goals. During this time, I began to search for better ways to help my clients reach their potential and have the life they wanted. As a side note, most of my clients were not clinically ill, they were just working on everyday personal challenges and the difficulties that life often brings.


This gut feeling led me to seek out working with individuals in a very different way. As a side job, I began facilitating at an outdoor ropes course facility and quickly noticed that although the clients were coming in with some of the same issues, dilemmas, goals, and dreams, the personal development work was accelerated and enhanced by the physicality of the challenges, and the simple fact that we were outside in the Fresh Air!  This insight led me to begin incorporating walking into my work with teens and women.


I became so energized by this work because my clients became energized by their own progress and shifts in thinking. Along the way, I migrated from counseling over to coaching as I felt this was a much better fit for my practice and my clientele.  Although coaching is not therapy, walking in nature has inherent therapeutic and healing benefits that complement the coaching modality in a seamless way.  


So there you have it.  The story of how Walking Your Talk was born.  

Personally, I can't think of a better place to walk in nature than beautiful San Diego!


I guess that was kind of a big nutshell.  




© 2016 by Elaine Garmon