(otherwise known as people with Asperger Syndrome) 

Walking your talk coaching is particularly well-suited to people with Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning Autism.  Often, sustaining direct eye contact is uncomfortable and distracting for neuro-uniques.  Many of my clients have remarked to me that looking forward rather than directly at me during our work together allows them to be both focused and receptive. Also, the straightforward and concrete coaching model is an excellent fit to tackle the very difficulties that neuro-uniques can struggle with every day.   


My background and experience has provided me with a strong understanding of the neurobiological issues inherent in the syndrome. An important part of the coaching process is creating goals and systems of accountability.  As your coach, I will not solve your problems for you, but will help you find the problem solver in yourself by increasing self awareness through powerful questions.  My goal is to provide you with tools and the framework that will ultimately allow you to accept personal responsibility for the change and outcomes in your life.  We will practice concretely how to address individual challenges and apply our practice to test for effectiveness.  


Many people with Asperger syndrome have had their confidence destroyed by years of living in the defensive mode and no one understanding how difficult life can be for them. Together, we will work towards getting out of fear based habits and slowly replace them with more pro-active behaviors and positive thought processes. Other areas we can work on are:

  • choosing and prioritizing appropriate goals

  • creating and managing an achievable plan

  • self-monitoring progress 

  • experimenting with and practicing social strategies

  • managing intense emotions


My hope is that the insight you gain from our relationship will pave the way to independence and self-mastery.  Slowly, coaching and the walking your talk approach can give you the confidence and ability to have positive experiences while handling life more effectively.  This will free you up to be yourself and let your gifts shine!



"Solvitur ambulando"

which translates to

"To solve a problem, walk around."

                                        -St. Jerome

© 2016 by Elaine Garmon