November 24, 2017

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November 24, 2017

There are so many things that we can do to raise our frequencies, to lift ourselves up, and to generate positive energy within. Meditation, mindfulness, and prayer come to mind. Obviously, connecting with nature is an all time favorite. I also enjoy visualization techniques along with listening to and repeating affirmations (I know it sounds woo woo, but I promise you, it works! Check out the app ThinkUp.)   I often share these ideas with my clients and help them to identify their own frequency boosters, however, there is something I do that I have never shared.....until now.  


When I am feeling the need, I raise my own frequency by reaching out to my guardian angel. My guardian angel is like my own secret metaphysical super power. I, personally, have an abiding belief in the divine.  I know and rely on spirituality in my life, and one part of that is my connection to a beautiful guardian angel. I like to think that my guardian angel is special. She is special because she sought me out.  She chose me and for that reason alone she is bound to me forever. My guardian angel's name is Nina.


My guardian angel, or personal spirit guide, or life-long metaphysical superpower, or whatever you want to call her, is a constant in my life. There are times, months even, when I don't realize that she's there, but later, upon reflection, her warm, loving energy floods into my being.  I can sometimes feel her around me and I know she is pushing me, guiding me and protecting me at different times during my life. 


Nina was my neighbor when I was growing up in Balacynwd, PA.  I was the 5th child out of 6 and I arrived after my mother birthed three boys in a row.  You could say that I was a welcomed change to many in my family, but that would be an understatement. I was loved by my parents and siblings of course, but life in our house was very busy. My mom gave birth to my younger sister, Sharon, when I was only 22 months old. 


The gift that Nina gave so generously to me when I was a child of 2 and 3 is one that I believe has reverberated throughout my life on this earth. She gave me the gift of personal, undivided attention. Overcoming the chaos of our big family, Nina singled me out and played with me, made me feel special and most of all showed me love.....pure unconditional love. I can't recall specifics about the fun banter we had or the play we embarked upon. What I do remember most, is the strong, visceral feeling of Nina's love wrapping around me like a warm blanket on a cold winter day. When I was with Nina, I felt special. 


Nina's family moved away and then ours did, too. I don't remember seeing her very much after that.  There was that one time when she came to my grandparent's house at the beach. I can still see the white bag filled with chocolate covered pretzels she proffered, and the surprising taste of the salty and sweet.  I often wish I could remember more about Nina, but I am comforted by the fact that I will never forget her affection and attention. Later, I would come to understand that I drew strength from her adoration and loving kindness. 


When Nina was 21 years old and a college student, she suffered a massive brain aneurysm.  The story I was told was that she had recently seen a doctor, complaining of a headache that was bothering her, but it was unfortunately misdiagnosed as a migraine. One day, while on campus, she simply sat down on a bench..........and died.  In a matter of seconds, the world lost an exceptional young woman.  My mom broke the news to me that Nina had passed away when I happened upon her and my older sister sobbing in the laundry room.  At first, I felt confused when I heard about her death. I hadn't seen her in years, yet her loss was still so piercing.  My young mind scrambled to figure out what was happening.  The subsequent trip to her funeral was a blur of long hours in the back of a station wagon punctuated only by the shedding of tears while listening to John Denver's "Calypso" over and over on the 8 track.  


Eventually, I came to understand that Nina was still with me along with the memory of her unconditional love. Though she is not here with me physically, her loving energy gently reminds me in a million ways that I should not fear failure in this brief lifetime, rather I should embrace my setbacks, learn from them, and use them to rise strong again and again.  Most importantly, I should continue to allow myself to be loved and to love others the way she loved me, for as she once said "life itself is generated by love."  Nina's love was so great that it continues to rain down on me in a myriad of ways.


This I know for sure: Nina believes in me and my individual qualities and gifts, and she pushes me to exercise them to the utmost degree.  Nina laughs with me when I act like an idiot. Nina sends me strength, courage and resiliency when I am feeling most vulnerable and weak.  When darkness appears and self-doubts seem harder to push away, Nina's spirit reminds me of my capacity for love and my wondrous ability to be a catalyst of another person's happiness.  She helps me to take risks, to believe in myself and to dream big.  Basically, Nina helps me to be a badass. 


When I see a strong woman with long dark hair, I think of Nina.  When my heart swells with unconditional love for my children, I think of Nina. When I reach a new personal milestone, I think of Nina. When I help a client to see the best in herself and to reach new heights, I think of Nina.  Everyone has someone in this life that loves them like Nina loves me, whether it is God, a parent, a partner or a friend. Who knows, you may even have your very own guardian angel.  If you aren't sure but are looking for one, just so you know, Nina is spoken for.





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