Walking Your Talk

 For Teens


This is the time in life where girls and young women are becoming more and more independent.  They are trying to figure out who they are and who they want to become. Emotions often run deep and expectations are high.



 I help young women to find and define their  inner compass  and wisdom within 

to stay focused on their goals and to make sense of life.  




"The exercise of walking, along with the sense of partnership I got from Elaine's coaching, helped me to open up and explore what I wanted my life to look like......not just what others expected from me, but what I really wanted, for myself."       

                                  -Carri, 18 








Let's talk about.......

  • navigating relationships (social and romantic)

  • adjusting to a change

  • managing stress 

  • developing a positive mindset 

  • changing limiting beliefs

  • keeping your power  in relationships

  • achieving academic success through specific executive function coaching

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