What is Walking Your Talk?

Walking Your Talk is a coaching model and business that I developed to meet the needs of active women and teens who have goals and dreams they want to work towards, but who may feel constrained or uncomfortable sitting in an office, face to face, with a practitioner. It's for women and teens who want to be less sedentary during their personal work. My clients see and feel the numerous benefits of movement combined with intention and coaching.


The clients I work with value action inherently or they realize it is lacking in their lives and find WYT helps them to get and stay unstuck. They are usually looking for a professional woman who understands them and aligns with their vision and they find the traditional model of therapy to be lacking and sometimes too static. Overall, they are looking for a more compelling experience and relationship. One that helps them to elicit their innate power and self-confidence.    



Elaine talks about WYT at Cabrillo National Monument, on a beautiful and WINDY day. 
Sorry about the background noise!

Coaching is a profession based in personal growth and client initiated change. In each 60-minute session, we will walk together and work together, focusing on whatever agendas you bring to coaching. It is up to you to set our pace and I will fall in sync. Some of my clients walk slowly, some like to power walk or even jog. Together, we decide the best place to meet and begin our journey.  Check out some of my client's favorite spots to walk.




At one time or another, we've all purposefully taken a walk to clear our heads.


As it turns out, there's plenty of research to show this actually works.  


Regular exercise has a chemical effect on our brain, encouraging mood regulation and better overall brain function.  


The multi-sensory experience of a beautiful natural surrounding promotes stress relief, clarity, and creative thinking.


Movement propels people foward - literally and figuratively.   


Nilofer Merchant has it figured out!


Check out her short Ted Talk on Why We Should Walk and Talk.  


             "Fresh air drives fresh thinking"


















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(Just ask Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg)

Why is Walking Your Talk so Effective?

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